COVID-19 Vaccines

Many of you are struggling with COVID, the lockdowns, the masks and now the vaccine mandates. While many dislike the authoritarian approach taken, few are being forced to do so. My family falls into the “force” camp – which essentially means, get the vaccine or walk.

I recently embarked on a journey to dig into the rhetoric and claims regarding the vaccine. Some refer to it as the “death shot”. My goal is to research these claims to the best of my ability to answer what turns out to be a very complicated question:

Does the COVID vaccine cause a significantly increased risk over the mandatory vaccines my family member has already taken? My research does not, however, attempt to suggest whether the vaccine is 100% safe.

Imagine a set of scales in front of you. On the left side are all the vaccines you’ve received to date (if you’ve been vaccinated). On the right side is the new COVID vaccine. Also on the right side is a large set of square blocks each containing a reason the COVID vaccine is significantly dangerous. This is causing the scales to tip demonstrating that this one vaccine is far more dangerous than others previously taken.

The question at hand – keeping in mind the visual from above is whether or not those claims belong on the right side of the scale. If true, they remain. If false or unproven, or misleading they should be removed.

No vaccine, no medication, no treatment is 100% safe. They all present some sort of risk. The question is how much risk is too much.

My research simply attempts to determine whether the risks presented tip the scales.

Here is the document:

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